Charges filed against driver accused of running over pregnant woman

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ARDMORE, OK--Charges have been filed against the Ardmore driver who allegedly ran over a pregnant woman last month, critically injuring her and killing her unborn baby.

District attorney Craig Ladd said his office has filed two counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon charges against 28-year-old Veronica Jaramillo, one for Shelby miller and the other for her unborn child that was killed during the incident.

It has been over two weeks since Ardmore police handed over the investigation to District Attorney Craig Ladd. Ladd says Veronica Jaramillo was not arrested immediately because this particular case had a unique set of circumstances and an extensive investigation had to occur before charges could be filed.

"After carefully reviewing the evidence, I decided to file two charges, assault and battery of a deadly weapon, 2 counts, one count is on behalf of Shelby miller and the other is on behalf of her unborn child" said Ladd.

Shelby Miller's family said she was run over by Veronica Jaramillo after going outside to check on a fight early in the morning of April 28th. Although she drove away Jaramillo was not charged with leaving the scene of a personal injury accident.

"It was a careful review of the evidence and there was a phone call that was being made to law enforcement from misses Jaramillo at the time of the incident, so I based the charging decisions upon of what I felt the evidence would support " said Ladd.

Miller was left with a fractured spine and pelvis, broken collar bone, and bruised lungs. She also lost her unborn baby. While her family was asked to not speak on camera they told us they're relieved that charges have been brought against Jaramillo and to know that the death of Miller's baby will not go unpunished.

" I filed under a statue titled 21 section 652 which includes unborn children and that's defined in Oklahoma in regards to that particular statute as from conception until birth and I feel the evidence will established that Shelby was pregnant at the time" said Ladd.

Ladd said that Veronica Jaramillo will appear in court sometime next week for an initial appearance..

"I anticipate that they will ask for a preliminary hearing date, and then we schedule this for a preliminary hearing in the next few months and then we'll have a preliminary hearing on the case" said Ladd.

If convicted Jaramillo could face up to life in Prison.