Justice for Slain Trooper - Killer is Guilty

5-17-05 - A jury in Lawton returned a guilty verdict Tuesday against a former firefighter who was accused of killing a state trooper after a struggle on a rural road in Cotton County.

After deliberating for less than two hours, the jury found Rickey Ray Malone guilty of first-degree murder. Prosecutors said they intend to seek the death penalty.

Malone was accused of shooting Oklahoma State Trooper Nikky Joe
Green on December 26th, 2003. Green was shot twice in the back of
the head. Portions of the crime were captured on Green's dashboard-mounted video camera.

Malone had testified he was operating a mobile methamphetamine lab in a car. Green approached the vehicle and ended up losing his gun in a struggle after slapping a handcuff on one of Malone's wrists. Green was shot with his own weapon.