New Jobs to Ardmore

5-19-05 - An Ardmore business is expanding – a move that could bring 100 new jobs to town. Imtec Dental has been manufacturing dental implants in Ardmore for the past 6 years. Now they plan to team up with a New Mexico company to create Imtec Imaging. They’ll manufacture what is now referred to as a highly secretive prototype.

Executives won't say what it does, but do say dentist feedback has been overwhelming and it will bring in a lot of money. The units cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each. The prototype will be unveiled in July.

Imtec is building a 20,000 square foot facility to accommodate the new business. The jobs will pay between 12 to 15 dollars an hour.

Imtec, the city of Ardmore, the Noble Foundation, and SOTC have teamed up to train Imtec's new employees. Jobs openings will be posted in local papers starting in July. The hiring should be complete by December.