Oklahoma Governor signs pet breeder oversight bill

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ARDMORE, OK-- A new law will make running a business a lot easier for Oklahoma pet breeders and could strengthen the economy at the same time. Yesterday Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed into law a measure that changes who is in charge of monitoring commercial pet breeders in the state of Oklahoma

The new law will abolish the Commercial Pet Breeders Board... whose members were put in charge of making sure pet breeding businesses abide by standards of care... the new law will now transfer those duties to the state department of Agriculture.

Local Senator Josh Brecheen sponsored the bill and said that the Commercial Pet Breeders board had a few members with ties to the humane society, which influenced some unnecessary regulations on breeders along with hefty fines. They said the rules set by the board made it difficult for breeders to keep their pet breeding businesses and put several of them out of work. The new law will go into effect July 1st.

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