Healing the Race Riot - 75 Years Later

5-9-05 - May 9th, 1930 marked one of Sherman’s darkest days – a lynch mob burned the Grayson County courthouse, killing a black man, then hanging his body and burning black-owned businesses in town.

The mob ended with the National Guard and 2 weeks of martial law – in the end only 2 rioters were convicted, but neither with the murder of George Hughes, the farm hand on trial for the rape of a white woman. But now the community’s religious leaders are planning a time of healing, to end a so-called curse of 75 years.

This Saturday, Christians from all walks of life will gather for the March of Jesus. It will end on the steps of the courthouse, where the riot began. But instead of racial division, a local group of ministers hope to unite in racial reconciliation. The meeting will take place on the same day as the March for Jesus. Participants will meet at their local churches, then congregate outside the courthouse at 10am.

To learn more about the race riot and the days that followed, follow the video links to this story. You can also watch part 1 & 2 of a special series aired by KXII in 1997 titled "Flames of Fury."