Job-Swap: Rescuers Take Nurses for a Ride

5-20-05 – Paramedics and emergency room nurses cross paths everyday, but for two weeks, they swap lives.

This week, Wilson N. Jones nurses rode along with Sherman rescuers to better understand the job of a paramedic. The ER nurses experienced what it’s like to start an IV on a patient while traveling fast down a bump road. In turn, the paramedics worked in the ER last week. They learned what it was like to juggle several patients at a time.

“I think it will give us a chance to work as a team instead of them and us. It’s more of a fluid unit,” said Kristi Hill – an ER nurse.

“I, for one, could never be a nurse because I couldn’t handle six or seven patients at a time. One or two is plenty,” said Paramedic Shane Vaughan.

The job-swap was part of the National Hospital Week and National EMS Week. The two weeks encourage two medical departments to broaden their understanding of each other’s jobs.