Body Found in Marshall County

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KINGSTON, OKLA. -- Search and rescue teams found a body in the woods near Lake Texoma in Kingston around seven Sunday morning. The body was found off Whitehill and Texoma Park Road.

"Search and rescue found him about seven o'clock this morning. The deputy that worked the midnight shift responded and as soon as I went on duty, at about ten 'til eight, I went on duty to assist him. We were there until the medical examiner came and removed the body," Marshall County Deputy Sheriff David Barnes said.

Officers say there are no signs of foul play and that the death is likely due to natural causes. The Marshall County Sheriff's Office said they're waiting to hear from the medical examiner to identify the body.

However, some family members of Hank Barker at the scene said they believe the body is his. Deputy David Barnes said there is a warrant out for Barker's arrest for first degree burglary. Barnes said he's been missing since Monday night when he fled his residence after stabbing a woman in the shoulder.

The Marshall County Sheriff's Office has not confirmed whether or not the body they found is Hank Barker's.

Allison Harris, First News.