Denison ISD Message - No Hazing

5-27-05 - The last day of school wasn't quite as much fun for Denison upperclassmen - their annual ritual of hazing and harassing next year's freshmen was stopped by police and school officials. Police officers were parked strategically around B. McDaniel Middle School on Thursday, making sure no high school kids got anywhere near the school.

Principal Alvis Dunlap planned it that way. Administators hope this sends a message that hazing won't be tolerated. The hazing often consists of taunts toward the younger students but can include profanity, throwing eggs and other harassment.

But the parents of a few of those high school students weren't happy to see the police get involved. One student says she was only trying to pick her brother up at school like she does every other day - but she wasn't allowed to drive up to the building.

No students were ticketed or arrested.