Race Riot; Prayer March for Forgiveness

5-14-05- Hundreds of people gathered in Sherman Saturday for the second annual March for Jesus. The group walked from the Municipal building then came to a halt at the steps in front of the courthouse, where 75 years ago, racial division left the building in ashes.

The march ended at Martin Luther King park were free food and entertainment were waiting.

Many religious leaders participated in today's events, where they marked the 75th anniversary of one of Sherman's darkest days. George Hughes was lynched at the courthouse back in 1930 while on trial for the rape of a white woman. Saturday, his relatives were on hand for the march in an effort to help heal old wounds. The angry mob who lynched Hughes also burned black businesses in Sherman, creating a racial divide in the city. Some in the African-American community say that divide still exists, but today's events were a good step toward healing through prayer.