Recycling program could be short-lived in Grayson Co.

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Two months ago, Grayson County began allowing residents to drop off their recyclable items, but county leaders say that service could come to an end if the disposal company and residents don't start cleaning up their acts.

One large bin is so full people are forced to put their recycling on the ground. That's because the bin is only being cleaned out once a week, instead of twice every seven days. It's just one of the problems county commissioners say could force them to scrap the recycling program altogether.

Day and night, residents from across precinct one stop by the county barn to drop off their trash. Carolyn Sutton is one of them, and says the bin has been great for her family.

"We were quite excited about it, because we do live in a rural area and not within the city limits, so we were very excited about it," she says.

While it’s been a luxury for her, it’s been a huge problem for Commissioner Johnny Waldrip and his crew, who have to clean up trash on almost a daily basis.

"This was supposed to be set here so we can recycle in the county and then they would apply for the grant and then possibly we could open it up across the county into other precincts," Waldrip says.

But that hasn't been the case. Waldrip says two months ago, the clean-up company IESI approached the county about placing a bin in one of the precincts. Part of the agreement was that the company would apply for a grant with the Texoma Council of Governments in order to pay for garbage storage with the city of Sherman.

Officials tell us IESI never applied for that grant, and the company must now take the trash to McKinney, something they've been only able to do one day a week.

"When this thing fills up, people are just throwing it on the ground and we're filling up with trash and the wind is blowing and it’s turning into a trash dump."

Commissioner Waldrip says he has tried to meet with IESI on several occasions, but each time Waldrip says they've canceled.

In the meantime, residents are leaving bags of trash beside the bin until the dumpster is picked up again.

"Something’s got to change, we either have to get a bigger canister or they have to show up more than once every seven days something has to give or its going to have to leave."

It’s something Sutton hopes doesn't happen.

"I just hope people take the responsibility and do what they should and see things get inside and not let things go outside when they're not open."

We tried to contact IESI today, but got no response. Waldrip says the next scheduled pickup is Monday at noon.

If the bin is full when you arrive, officials ask you not dump on the ground. You can always recycle out at TASWA.

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