Sheriff Chases Down Thieves

5-16-05 – Cooke County Sheriff Mike Compton and a Highway Patrol Sergeant pulled into a truck stop just as two men pulled away without paying Monday morning.

The Sheriff and Sgt. Ray Sappington were in separate cars when they saw the suspects run through a stop sign near the gas station, located off of Interstate 35 in Gainesville.

The Highway Patrol Officer attempted to pull the vehicle over, but the suspects gave chase – driving at speeds of up to 70mph.

Sheriff Compton and the trooper followed the suspects for three miles north on the I-35 service road until the suspects pulled into a gravel driveway and surrendered.

The driver, Sean Thomas Johnson of Oklahoma City, faces charges of theft, evading arrest and carrying a prohibited weapon.

The passenger, Chad Alan Roundtree of Moore, is charged with theft, public intoxication, and carrying a prohibited weapon.

Both men are in the Cooke County Jail.