Renovations coming for Grayson Co. Sheriff's Office Jail Facility

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS -- The Sheriff's Office is paying for the $20,000 renovations with forfeiture funds. Inmates will be doing the labor, so the project won't cost taxpayers.

Sheriff Gary says the Sheriff's Office Jail Facility was built in 1998. To bring the jail up to par, the state is asking the Sheriff to improve the floors, particularly in the bathrooms.

The jail has 96 beds. If they weren't going to improve the jail, Gary says they would have to add 96 beds to the downtown Sherman jail, meaning that minimum and maximum security inmates would be in the same place.

"Why should we put nonviolent people downtown where we need to put the violent people, where we need to put the bad guys?" Gary said.

Sheriff Gary is in a runoff with County Commissioner Johnny Waldrip. I asked Waldrip about the jail renovations. He says he thinks it's a great idea and he's for anything that can help the county save money.

In Grayson County, Allison Harris, First News.

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