Rough Landing - Chopper Flips at Airport

6-1-05 - For the second time in three days, a helicopter crashed in Grayson County, this time at the airport.

Jeff Posey was on his final check flight with a federal safety inspector. Everything had gone perfectly until the landing.

The helicopter, owned by Freedom Aviation, was actually touching the ground, but still had lift. The pilot says a strong blast of wind caused the helicopter to roll over on its side. Both men walked away with only scrapes and bruises. The pilot and instructor agree it could have happened to anybody.

"A student who has 10 years of flying under his belt, I believe Jeff had close to 40 hours of flying, excellent pilot, we've been working together this week, brushing him up on all the maneuvers."

The pilot tells us he may have gotten knocked on his side, but it hasn't shaken him too bad. He'll be returning in July to complete his final check flight again.

This is the first aircraft crash for Freedom Aviation. They've been operating out of Grayson County Airport for almost four years.