Kim Stevens: Guilty

6-2-05 - More than five years after her murder, family members of little Jorden Saager say the 2-year-old girl has finally gotten justice. Jorden's former babysitter, Kim Stevens, was convicted Thursday for her murder.

It took a Cooke County jury about five hours of deliberations to find Stevens guilty of capital murder for the beating death of the toddler back in January 2000. The jury recommended a life sentence.

According to the medical examiner's report, Jorden died from a skull fracture, internal injuries and severe trauma to her body.

Jorden's parents, Yolanda and Lloyd Saager have been at the Cooke County courthouse through all of the court proceddings, but they say no day in court was more joyous than Thursday. While the Saager's are happy with the verdict, they wonder is Jorden's murder could have been prevented.

In 1994, Stevens own two children were taken away by CPS after abuse allegations. In court we learned she was also accused of shaking an infant just days before Jorden's death.