Couple Kidnapped - Denison Man Caught

6-6-05 - A kidnapping crossed state lines, but now one man is behind bars.

On May 19, three men held a husband and wife hostage for hours as they demanded money and assaulted them, but it's taken weeks to uncover the mystery of who was behind it.

Bryan County deputies arrested Jeremy Strand of Denison on Saturday for kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Authorities say he, along with two other men, duct-taped the couple's hands and feet, blindfolded them and pistol-whipped them, causing lacerations to the head.

The kidnappers moved the couple from their house in Colbert to a wooded area outside Denison. They stole $1,600, some jewelry, and stripped the couple's vehicle, but when one of the kidnappers threatened to kill the couple, another kidnapper got scared and took off.

"According to the victims, that seemed to bother the other two, kinda disrupted what they were trying to do."

Authorities say Strand was one of the two remaining kidnappers. They dropped the couple off at Munson Park in Denison and told them not to call police. They demanded more money and said they would call the next morning to arrange a meeting, but they never called.

Here is a description of one of the two kidnappers: what stands out is has one blue eye and one brown eye. There is no description of the other suspect.