Chase Ends in Fiery Crash - Suspect Killed

6-7-05 - An overnight car chase ends in a crash killing one person, injuring another. This happened on Preston Road and Fawn Hollow in Denision.

The driver lost control of the car on a curve, slamming into a tree around 3 45 a.m. Tuesday.

He was fleeing a Grayson County deputy because the vehicle he drove was stolen.

A Grayson County deputy followed the speeding driver to Preston Road, at which time, his patrol vehicle spun out of control. Once he resumed pursuit, the officer found the vehicle wrecked against a tree, and on fire.

The officer was able to pull out a female from the passenger side, but before he could save the man driving, fire consumed the car.

David Hawley, Grayson sheriff's office, said, “If we're involved in something and it takes a human life, it takes a toll on you. You think about it, you think about what was done, what was before, what was after, you know if there's anything else you could have done. It's just--you're human."

The female victim was taken to TMC with minor injuries. As you can see from the burn marks on the tree, and melted car scraps scattered on the ground, deputies believe fire is to blame for this loss of life. The man had no identification, and the passenger only knew him by his first name.

Sheriff's officers are hoping an autopsy at the Dallas County Medical Center can provide more details.