Tax Breaks for Seniors

6-21-05 - The cities of Sherman and Denison have recently passed property tax breaks for the elderly and disabled, and now Cooke County could follow suit. County Commissioners voted today to allow the public to decide if seniors get a freeze of current tax rates.

Over 70-taxpaying citizens of Cooke County filled the seats of the commissioner's court Tuesday morning, a large majority in favor of freezing property taxes for senior citizens and the disabled. Almost all of them spoke. Talking about fixed incomes and rising medical bills.

Only two people spoke in opposition of freezing taxes, saying the freeze could put a stop to city programs and place a burden on younger generations.

In the end, all but one commissioner voted to go ahead with a formal election. The county appraiser says that's the fairest way.

Senior citizens in Cooke County already receive an $8,000 tax break. If voters decide to freeze taxes, they will continue to get that break.

The election will either take place this September or November.