Radio Ministries Put Faith to Work

From Gainesville to Giana, over the crackle of static, Danny Shaver connects with radio operators thousands of miles away. He's part of a group called radio ministries.

Danny Shaver, Radio Ministries, said, “The radio is the lifeline. All we are, are just facilitators getting equipment to ministries.”

Even as one man, shaver keeps contact with dozens of missionaries needing supplies, or just a "hello".

Through a special email program, radio is used as a modem, linking workers without telephone communication, to the real world.

Through radio ministries, communication has ridden the airways to third world countries around the globe, but you don't have to go past Texoma to find the people they've served.

Luke Smith spent ten remote years ministering in the mountains of Peru. He says the ham radio communications saved lives.

Pastor Luke Smith, Calvary Baptist Church, Gainesville, said, “There came a time of emergency where there was a cholera epidemic in Peru and through the radio I was talking to Danny and because of this communication over the radio, he was able to initiate a great deal of help."

Radio ministries takes donated equipment down to the mission sites, free of charge, and set it up. Closing a gap in communication, worlds apart.

The radio ministries workers are made up of 20 to 30 amateur radio operators from around the country.

While they concentrate on Christian ministry, many times their services have been called upon for emergency aid.

If you know someone who could benefit from the help of radio ministries, you can call Danny Shaver at 940-727-1150.