Lake Texoma's Willis Bridge to undergo repairs

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - A fifty-year-old bridge that connects Texas and Oklahoma is set to undergo some much needed construction.

Willis Bridge is part of S.H. 99 and runs cross Lake Texoma, connecting Marshall and Grayson counties.

During this July's Oklahoma Transportation Commission's meeting, the bridge became topic of discussion.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation said it has been approved to begin the bridge's $30 million face lift in 2019.

Community members who frequently cross the bridge agree it's time for some repairs.

"I think it needs repairs every once in a while, but it's alright," Marshall County resident Seth Nickle said. "I think it's an okay bridge. Anyone else would about tell you the same."

ODOT said the construction plans are still in the early stages so it is not clear how long the project will take.

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