New intersection at FM 120 and SH 289

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POTTSBORO, TX-- Even though the intersection at State Highway 289 and FM 120 hasn't seen a fatal accident, seven major car accidents have happened here.

Rhonda Franklin drives 3 miles to work on FM 120 everyday and said drivers who cross that intersection are generally confused.

"They don't know whether to stop, not to stop, you slow down, they slow down anyway, which can cause accidents, because nobody knows what to do. Whether the cross traffic is going to stop or not."

The Texas Department of Transportation and the City of Pottsboro are trying to fix that problem. City manager Kevin Farley said $200,000 of safety money came from TXDOT to help with this problem.

"TXDOT is installing flashing beacons at the intersection of State Highway 289 and FM road 120."

David Selman with TX-Dot sais they will be tearing up this asphalt, re-using it to cover the current traffic lanes that are here now, and eventually adding a left hand turn lane, from SH 289 on to FM 120.

"We're mainly taking out the hot mix, the asphalt that's there, so we can place new strips," Selman explained.

The construction has already started and Selman warns drivers to pay close attention to warning signs. The new features should be in place by the end of August, well before the new Brookshire's Grocery Store will open near the intersection. That's scheduled for next Spring.

"With the anticipated growth in that area, it's really a blessing, if you will for the city of Pottsboro, to have those flashing lights installed out there," Farley said.