The price of corn will soon affect the price of groceries

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ARDMORE, OK--Agriculture experts said the price of food could go up in the months ahead as the price of corn soars.

Madill rancher, Doug Macbeth, has about 150 cows, he said the soaring price of corn will definitely hurt those in the cattle business.

"The corn got awful high 750 a bushel and it cost too much to keep them in the feed lot" said Macbeth.

"In the last 20 to 25 days we've seen the price of corn increase between $2.00 to $2.50 per bushel" said Springer.

Agricultural economist Jobe Springer said he drought has sent the price of corn sky high and even though US farmers planted more corn this year than in the past 75 years they likely won't see an increase in profit.

"96 million acres were planted of corn and they were expecting a large yield this year as well, acres were planted early ,however because of the drought, the dry conditions, the hotter temperatures, this has led to a decrease an expectations of production" said Springer.

Springer said ranchers will be the first to be affected by the rising prices of corn. Those who didn't stock up on hay will have to sell their cattle for less to avoid the expense of keeping them fed.

But Springer said it will also cost more to keep ourselves fed because corn is used in the majority of products consumers buy at the store.

"The prices of the products in the store are going to be increasing here in the near future because of the increase price in corn" said Springer.

"We just need a real good general rain that would help get our corn prices down" said Macbeth.

Springer said it will take some time for the prices to rise which will likely happen in the next 6 to 9 months.

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