Appliance Store - Target of Ripoff?

6-10-05 - An audio and appliance store in Ardmore claims they were ripped off by a man who claimed he installed 100 satellite dishes. Rex TV paid the man $27,000, but police say the installs never happened.

Police say a 56-year-old man approached Rex TV and Appliances back in 2003, saying he had a stockpile of satellite dishes and could install them.

Rex hired the independent contractor to take orders and install dishes.

The man put in more than 100 Dish Network satellites at people's homes, or at least said he did.

Police say the invoice names and addresses are all made-up.

More than a few bucks, a $27,000 clerical error overlooked by Rex during the past three years.

The Loss Prevention Department at Rex TV Corporate Headquarters has not returned our calls.

Other local satellite providers say they use their own guys to install dishes, and that it's unusual to hire outside contractors, especially without checking them out.