Sherman gas station first to offer "pop at the pump"

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SHERMAN, TX -- You've heard of "pay at the pump", but what about "pop at the pump"? A Sherman convenient store gets even more convenient with a new selection at the pumps.

If you're in a hurry to fill up but don't want to wait in line for anything else inside, Lonestar Exxon off North Sam Rayburn freeway now gives you more options outside.

Usually at gas stations, you can get yourself gas and a car wash. But here, you can also get a refreshment.

You'll now see three large "Vendgogh" machines (pronounced "vend-GO") set up between each gas pump. Screens offer a car wash AND outside drinks like Coke, Dr. Pepper, diet sodas, water, teas and Powerade.

Each machine houses a large computer that knows to drops your drink after you're done pumping. That way, no one else can snatch up your refreshments.

Site Director Dollie Graham says the cost to install these machines was pretty steep, but at $1.69 a pop, she's confident it'll soon pay for itself.

"It's only been three weeks but yes, they're growing every day so it's building everyday. We are seeing an increase." said Graham.

James Marshall of Denison thinks it may be product overload.

"Between selling car washes, soda and watching TV I think it goes to show we have short attention spans, " Marshall said. "Gas profitability isn't what it used to be so we have to sell other stuff to make up the difference."

Frequent customer Rustin Bridges of Sherman decided to give it a shot for the first time.

"They're a lot more convenient for people," he said. "It'll make you get to the pump and get something to drink and get in and out a lot faster."

Although this may not be new for some out-of-state gas stations,
Lonestar Exxon #50 is the only one in Texas with this new technology.

"There is a chance other stations can pick this up," said Graham. "But I look for it to be a while down the road before they do. By the time they do, we'll probably be up to something new again."

This particular Lonestar Exxon location was also one of the very first gas stations in the U.S. to provide an in-house restaurant. Since then it's added even more amenities. Now, along with gas, a carwash, a foot long sandwich and mail services, you can also get your the pump.


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