"Dusting" - Deadly Alternative for Drug High

6-23-05 - The new age of technology is leading to a new age of drug use. Your kids may be getting high thanks to your family's computer.

The can says it's safe for the ozone, but what many parents don't know is that it can be deadly for their kids. It's a compressed gas duster, used to clean your family's computer keyboard. Kids are using it to get high.

Kids are inhaling what they think is just compressed air, but it's air mixed with propellant toxin. Dusting is linked with sudden deaths across the U.S., parents finding their kids still with these straws still in their mouths.

Area police haven't seen any cases yet, but aren't surprised it's happening because so many families have computers.

Doctors say to watch out for typical signs of drug use like irritability or drowsiness.

One regular size can of the duster can last long enough to clear over 40 square feet of dust. Doctors say sudden death can occur within the first minute.