High Speed Chase; Inmate Overpowers Guard

6-11-05 - A Bryan County jail inmate led authorities on a two-state chase late Friday night. The inmate, Johnathan Reyes, of Dallas, was being transported back to the jail from a trip to the hospital, when he overpowered a guard.

Bryan County authorities say Reyes somehow escaped the chains he was transported in and wrapped that chain around the guard's neck. When the guard tried to struggle with Reyes, the inmate bit him and dumped him out of the vehicle.

The chase began near Calera and headed south on Highway 75 reaching speeds of 130 mph. Reyes clipped a vehicle during the chase through Sherman, but it didn't stop him. Several law enforcement agencies chased Reyes through Grayson County and into Collin County. He was finally stopped in McKinney, Texas with road spikes.

Reyes is in the Collin County jail facing several charges, including assault and eluding an officer. Bryan County authorities say Reyes was in their jail facing charges of unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.