Durant businesses prepare for TransCanada Pipeline

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DURANT, OK-- All over Bryan County and especially businesses in the city of Durant, like Napa Auto Parts are already preparing for the huge economic boost that the construction crews, for TransCanada Pipeline, bring.

In 2009, Rick Hammel's businesses had a record sales tax year. That's because a pipeline was built in Bryan County and construction crews used his auto part store daily. This year, he is already stocking up for the TransCanada, Gulf Coast, Pipeline construction crews.

"With the times that we are doing right now and have an impact that they can, we can't help but be excited," Hammel explained.

The Kiamichi Railroad, which travels through Durant, has already conducted business for the pipeline in the last couple of weeks.

TransCanada officials say there are still no specific dates set to start construction anywhere on the pipeline. There are only a few specific details known.

"A 485 mile pipeline, it's a $2.3 billion construction project from Cushing to Nederland, TX, with a lateral line over to Houston," said Mayor Jerry Tomlinson.

TransCanada officials said the pipeline will be built in phases with 25 different crews doing specific jobs.

Even though TransCanada officials are still working on gathering permits from the U.S. Government to place the pipeline in Southeastern Oklahoma, city of Durant officials say you could start seeing construction happen in the next few months.

For more information about the Keystone and Gulf Coast Pipeline you can visit http://www.transcanada.com/keystone.html.