Cold case involving Bryan County Jail escapees, reopened

NEW MEXICO-- Authorities say two men who escaped from the Bryan County jail in 1991, have been indicted for murdering a Dallas man in New Mexico that same year.

55-year-old Michael St. Clair and 52-year-old Dennis Gene Reese were both suspected in the death of 22-year-old Timothy Keeling.

He was found shot to death in a New Mexico desert.

Keeling's wife, Lisa Hill, has pushed for charges to be filed against the two men.

Reese admitted to his role in the slaying, but says he didn't pull the trigger.

St. Clair denies the charges.

New Mexico prosecutors hope to extradite the two in the next few weeks.

St. Clair is currently on death row in Kentucky for a slaying in that state and Reese is serving life in an Oklahoma prison for other crimes.