Few Line Up for Free Food

Every child deserves a well-balanced diet. For some families, making sure their kids eat well when school is out isn't easy.

Students in the Limited English Proficiency Program, or "LEP", are fed twice a day at Washington Elementary, but they're not the only ones who can grab a tray and pass through the lunch line.

Joyce Stephens and the other Sherman lunch ladies serve up two meals a day, not only to the pre-k summer students, but any child, up to 18-years-old, can eat for free, no questions asked.

Bill Tredennick, Sherman ISD Food Service Director, said, "We don't know how quickly the program will catch on in the community."

3000 kids in Sherman meet income qualifications for reduced price lunches during the school year.

Stephens said, "There may be families here that have, you know, very limited resources. These are the same families we're trying to target."

One of many good things about this program is the community doesn't bear a financial burden. Government funding for LEP actually requires these lunch lines to be open to the public, but so far, they've been empty.

Only a handful of hungry kids turned out last week for the meals. And this program is in its second year.

The program lasts through July 15.