Local reactions to deadly Colorado shootings

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SHERMAN, TX -- Texomans have joined the entire nation in watching the horrific aftermath of the overnight shooting in Aurora, Colorado.

People we spoke with say while they are shocked that a shooting like this could happen in such a normal, apparently safe location. But, they also say they will not let fear keep them from going about their daily lives.

When 19 year old Corey Reeves came to the sherman cinemark to buy a ticket for the Dark Knight Rises this morning, he knew nothing about the deadly shootings in Colorado.

"It's scary to think that a movie would cause a shooting, so that's definitely not something that we want to happen around here," said Reeves.

Zach Precopia and Travis Wiley did know about the shootings. But said they feel safe here at home, and do not want to miss out on normal every day activities because of any possible threat of violence.

"We thought it was pretty shocking to hear about that. But, the movie's pretty epic though," said Precopia and Wiley.

Cinemark CEO Timothy Warner says he's stunned and saddened by the events overnight. But that Cinemark's theaters are safe.

"We haven't had any security incidents at this theater. You know, obviously, you know, the person made a well-organized -- and had an assault weapon that -- that would probably overpower any security that we would have," said Warner.

Sherman Police say although it is unlikely, they have plans in place if the worst were to happen here.

"It's the active shooter scenario, and so officers would respond to an active shooter. And the officers are trained to basically go towards the sound of gunfire," said Lieutenant Ken Brooks with the Sherman Police Department.

And most people, like Reeves, say they are not going to let the tragedy in Colorado keep them from doing things like going to the movies.

"I mean in Sherman, Texas, I think I'll be alright, but I hope that doesn't happen," said Reeves.

But even with the shooting, Sherman police are not making plans to amp up security.

"We have officers that are either there or close by for quite a bit of the time. And so we haven't made plans to make any additional changes. But the officers are aware and as a result, they will respond quickly if theres a problem," said Lt. Brooks.

The Warner Brothers studio cancelled tonight's premiere of the "Dark Knight Rises" in Paris, and it's unclear how this tragedy will affect other plans.