Ardmore Police Head to Arbitration

The City of Ardmore and the police union deadlocked tonight on a new contract. It’s the first deadlock in 20 years that is likely heading for arbitration.

Ardmore's Fraternal Order Of Police says what the city is offering won't benefit their officers. The union began talking with the city back in May. Each side came up with what they thought was a fair deal. But at last night's meeting what the city offered wasn't good enough.

If they accept the offer some officers would have to take a pay cut to allow others to get fair pay raises. Now the union is looking at filing for arbitration, which means a third party would come in and decide which offer is the fairest.

The city declined to comment about the issue until the arbitration begins. Both sides will have to shell out money for the third party. It could take the arbitrator anywhere from 30 days to six months to make a decision.