Looking for Food in Marietta

6-15-05 - The Nichols Dollar Saver in Marietta closed its doors on Saturday for good, but just four days later everyone in town is feeling the impact.

Nichols Dollar Saver was the only major grocery store in town, and without it many folks say they just can't get their basic needs.

Convenience stores like Jiffy Jims have run out bread, eggs, and even milk twice in the past few days. It's so bad they're thinking about setting up a grocery area inside the store and going down on their prices to help out residents.

But folks say even though it's hard on them, it's hardest on the elderly. Many can't drive to Ardmore or Gainesville to buy groceries and are now having to depend on others for help.

"We all depend on the grocery store to get all our vegetables and stuff; it's just going to be bad for us."

The Homeland Grocery Store is in the process of negotiating a lease with the building owner of that store, but if that deal doesn't happen the Love County Chamber of Commerce and Industrial Foundation are looking at building a store of their own to attract a grocery chain.

In the meantime, Marietta church groups will meet tomorrow to create a driving schedule to take elderly residents to grocery stores in other towns.