Volunteer Numbers Down, Seniors Pitch-In

6-30-05 – About 40 non-profits in Grayson County partner with the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program.

While hundreds of active seniors serve the community, non-profit organizations are asking for even more help, from this particular group of volunteers.

From stocking food supplies to taking care of other seniors, the volunteers spend their time as retirees working hard for the community.

Betty Aston, Alzheimer's Volunteer, Adult Respite Center, said, “It's been fun, I enjoy it. It has been a challenge."

Over 900 give back through the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, R.S.V.P.

Judy Fullylove, R.S.V.P. Program Director, said, “The retired and senior volunteer program was started over 30 years ago. The reason for that was to help senior citizens remain active citizens in society."

Peace of mind on the job means more turn out at non-profits that require volunteers to be physically active.

But despite the 900 who volunteer through R.S. V.P., it's not enough.

Summertime is a transition period, despite incentives, volunteer coordinators say the lack of a steady schedule can keep potential volunteers from committing and non-profit agencies looking for seniors to volunteer.

No matter what kind of activity, there are dozens of non-profits ranging from food banks, and homeless shelters, to nursing homes and kids programs, who could use some volunteers.

Active seniors who wish to volunteer can contact the Texoma Council of Governments.