Nichols Admits Involvement in Bombing

7-2-05 - An Oklahoma City newspaper reports that Terry Nichols has told the FBI and his family he was involved in the 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building.

The Oklahoman reports in a copyright story in tomorrow's editions that he started speaking to the FBI in April at a federal prison in Colorado. Nichols made similar disclosures to his mother, sister and first ex-wife last month.

Nichols told the FBI he first thought bomber Timothy McVeigh was going to blow up a monument to get back at the federal government.

Nichols says he reluctantly robbed gun collector Roger Moore in
Arkansas in November 1994 at McVeigh's urging. The newspaper also
reports Nichols told the F-B-I he helped McVeigh steal explosives
from a Kansas rock quarry.

Nichols is serving life prison sentences on federal and state