New Faces Meet This School Year

8-8-05 - As Texoma kids head back to the classroom, familiar and unfamiliar faces will greet them. Sherman Independent School District hired 78 new teachers, and expects to add a few more to that number.

The new teachers will fill pre-k through senior high classrooms. Some are experienced instructors; others are on their first job. Many are from outside the Texoma area. The teachers met last week for training before joining other returning teachers today for the work week.

"What we want is for every child who walks through the door of the classroom to be me by someone there who cares for them, values them, and is ready to make it fun for them," says Connie Baker, Director of Instruction and Staff Development for Sherman ISD.

Schools can't prepare for one factor ahead of time: student population growth. Each year Sherman ISD accommodates for a two percent growth, but with the area growing exponentially, they say the district may be larger than usual.

"We're expecting some growth. We had a good bit of growth last year. We've anticipated some more of that, and hope we've guessed right, but it's always a surprise that first week of school to see just where those numbers are," says Baker.

Baker says they will have a better idea of what the student-teacher ratio will be after new-student enrollment this week.