Man Drowns in Backyard Lake

7-3-05 - A fishing trip turned deadly for a man who became tangled up in a net Sunday morning. Jaime Oliviera drown in a small stock lake on private property in Cooke County while he was fishing with his brother-in-law.

Rescuers got the call just before noon. Oliviera's body was discovered in the lake on private property near Muenster just over an hour after it was reported to authorities.

Volunteer firefighters from Muenster and Meyer used a small boat to drag the bottom of the small stock lake. Oliviera had been net fishing with his brother-in-law, Louis Jassa, when his legs got tangled up in the net. Jassa tried to save Oliviera, but couldn't and ran to a nearby house to call for help.

Neither of the men was wearing a life jacket. Jassa is trying to contact family members in Mexico to tell them about the death.

Rescuers say the water is about seven feet deep in that area of the lake. Oliviera's brother-in-law is a hired hand for the property owner of the lake.