A Reason to Walk: Veterans Hit the Road

8-8-05 – Two men brought their cross-country mission to Sherman Monday. John Hoover and Charles Eads are honoring troops overseas and the veterans on the front lines of another war – here at home.

Hoover, a former Marine, and Eads, a former Navy Seal met in Louisville, Kentucky on April 13th. Neither had a place to go, so they decided to walk. After nearly four months, hundreds of miles and seven states – the men have arrived at Sherman’s American Legion. However, this is just one stop on a long journey. The men are walking across the country to raise awareness of the number of homeless veterans.

According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, one in three homeless males has served our country.

Hoover and Eads are walking with John’s 16 year old dog, Bear. The three-some call themselves “3 in the Wind.” They’ll rest in Sherman for a couple more days; then hit the road again. Their next stop is Wichita Falls, Texas where they will cross the border into Oklahoma.

For more information, e-mail three_in_the_wind@yahoo.com