WNJ Medical Center Fixes Flaws

8-9-05 – Healthcare watch groups estimate that 98,000 people die in hospitals of medical-related injuries each year. Local hospitals are joining a nation-wide campaign to save those lives.

Improving the quality of healthcare is an ongoing battle for hospitals. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is taking a stand, recruiting thousands of hospitals across the country to step up patient responsibility. The 100,000 Lives campaign includes six initiatives the IHI says will eliminate unnecessary deaths or injuries.

“This was an opportunity to address some concerns in every hospital. It's important for our patients and important for our community having the highest quality of medical care and level of services here, says Pat Flynn, CEO of Wilson N. Jones Medical Center in Sherman.

Wilson N. Jones chose to concentrate on two: Deploying a Rapid Response Team, and Preventing Adverse Drug Events. Deploying rapid response teams means giving staff the authority to contact an emergency response team at the first sign of patient decline. Preventing Adverse Drug Events requires listing and reconciling all a patient’s medications to make sure the drugs are given at the correct dosages.

“The risk for error in hospitals can be reduced when patients understand their health care responsibilities and communicate with healthcare givers,” says Teri Stewart, Executive Director of Medical Staff Services.

Several other hospitals in Texoma are a part of this initiative as well.