Rogers Breaks Silence With Apology

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) - Texas Rangers pitcher Kenny Rogers
apologized for his tirade against two TV cameramen. The appearance today in Arlington is the 40-year-old left-hander's first since the June 29th incident.

Rogers said he wanted to express deep regret for his actions and
say that they should have never occurred.

Camera's filmed as Rogers lashed out at cameramen who were
filming him walking to the field for pregame stretching.

The incident led to KDFW cameraman Larry Rodriguez being treated at a hospital. Rodriguez has filed an assault report, and Arlington police are still investigating.

Afterward, baseball commissioner Bud Selig suspended Rogers and
fined him $50,000. But Rogers is appealing his 20-game suspension. That allows him to continue playing until after a hearing and a decision.

Rogers was selected as an All-Star for the third time Sunday. But he said today he hadn't decided whether to play.

He declined to take questions today, and said he was speaking against the advice of his lawyer.

The following is the text from a two-page, handwritten statement issued by the All-Star pitcher:
"I think we all know why I'm here today. I'm here to apologize
for my unacceptable behavior last week. And against the advise of
my legal counsel, and regardless of potential litigation, I feel
compelled to come before you and express my deep regret for my
"I offer my sincere apologies to Larry and David, an incident
that should have never occurred.
"To all my fans, my teammates and my family, I am truly sorry
for any disappointment that I've caused you."
"I've been around this game for over 20 years. I prepare myself
every day to control my emotions and act accordingly. In this
instance, I failed miserably.
"I've got 17 years in the major leagues. With all my
experience, regardless of the circumstances, I should have acted
professionally, and I regret that was not the case.
"I'm deeply disappointed and embarrassed in myself for my
inability to rise above the situation no matter how it became.
"This incident was completely out of character, and I think
without question that you know that it will never happen again.
"I've already personally apologized to my teammates, and I hope
that in the future that there will be a chance for me to personally
do that to Larry and David.
"I hope you understand I'm not in a position to take questions
on this subject for all the possible things that could occur
afterward, and I thank all of you for your time. I know you have a
busy schedule and all that. Thank you very much."