State Resort Could Get Makeover

7-6-05 - A makeover could be coming for Lake Murray State Park, if the Ardmore Development Authority has their way. The ADA is hoping to replace the old state lodge with a new hotel and resort.

Back in March we told you the ADA was looking at adding a new hotel to attract more visitors. Now they say just replacing the lodge and resort would be a much better plan.

They hope to become partners with the state to make the idea a reality. They would lease the property and pay for improvements, but in the end, the money would go back to the park.

The ADA says Ardmore will benefit when more tourists start heading to town.

The State Park and Recreation Department is still waiting for this new proposal. But they say they are excited to see what Ardmore has come up with.

Along with the new 100-room hotel, the development authority is also looking at adding more cabins to the resort.