Grayson County Health Department Director Resigns

8-11-05 - The director of the Grayson County Health Department resigns today over differences with county commissioners. Her resignation is effective at the end of the year.

Dr. Carolyn Fruthaler has served the county for ten years overseeing clinic activities, public education and emergency health planning.

One of her biggest projects in the past few years was preparing the health department to be ready should there ever be a bioterrorism attack.

Dr. Fruthaler's resignation comes earlier than expected. She says it is because she and the Grayson county commissioners don't see eye-to-eye on the future of the health department.

The commissioners are proposing to consolidate the health department and the county jail medical services in what they say is a good business decision that will save tax dollars. The health director says it’s pushing the health department to become more self-sufficient to find funding.

As for the future, Fruthaler will look into other public health jobs and considers going back into private practice.

The county has not named a new director. That person will take office January 1st.