Guilty Plea in Murder of Wal-Mart Clerk

7-8-05 - TYLER, Texas (AP) East Texas prosecutors wanted the death penalty for Johnny Lee Williams Junior for the abduction and murder of Tyler Wal-Mart clerk Megan LeAnn Holden.

But the victim's mother said it was more important to know what her daughter's final hours were like.

Prosecutors agreed to a capital murder plea deal for Williams, calling for consecutive life sentences.

But first, Williams had to tell everything about his crime.

Security video captured the 25-year-old former Marine's abduction of Holden from the Wal-Mart parking lot after her January 19th night shift.

For five hours yesterday, the victim's mother, father and sister questioned Williams -- and he answered each of their questions.

He told of why he chose Holden for abduction, raped her twice, killed her, bought a cheeseburger, then dumped her body 400 miles from home.

Williams was arrested January 21st at a hospital in Willcox, Arizona, while seeking treatment for a gunshot wound.