Pit Bull Attacks In Denison, Atoka

7-8-05 - ATOKA, Okla. (AP) Authorities say a nine-year-old boy is recovering from wounds to his leg after a pit bull terrier bit him as the dog chased him and his brother down an Atoka street.

The boy was taken to an Atoka hospital emergency room and treated for two puncture wounds yesterday. His name wasn't released.

Police Detective Captain Mark Rains says a female dog believed to have attacked the boy was picked up by officers and has been put in confinement.

Rains says officials haven't been able to reach the owners, who could be cited for failing to restrain an animal and fined 85 dollars. He says they also may be liable for the boy's medical expenses.

City manager Martha Allen-Barber says the boy was walking down a street with his younger brother when the dog began chasing them. The older boy was bitten on the right calf.

Less than a month ago a 3-year-old Moore boy lost an arm when he put it through two fences and was attacked by a pit bull.

Atoka city council members considered banning the breed in April but postponed a vote amid legal concerns.

The same night, a man in Denison was also attacked by a pit bull on Owings Street. Richard Patterson was walking to a store when the dog knocked him down and started biting him. He was able to make it back to his home where he was then taken to a hospital with hand and knee injuries.

The dog that attacked him has not been seen since.