Routine Inspections Keep Pools In Check

7-8-05 – Dirty pools can keep swimmers out of the water and on deck, if they fail health inspections. That’s why sanitarians across Texoma routinely check to make sure these outdoors escapes from the heat are kept clean and safe.

Sanitarians with the Grayson County Department of Health work year-round, but increase inspection of almost 70 pools in the summer time, that are often filled to bathing load capacity.

Public and semi-public pools, like those found at city parks, hotels, and apartment complexes are checked for proper filtration, drainage systems, and balanced chemicals.

“What circumstances would warrant closure of any public or semi-public pool facility? Number one, if there is in adequate or in disinfectant in the pool. Or, if there is too much disinfectant, it can actually be irritating to the swimmer,” says Grayson Sanitarian Marshall Ward.

So far this summer, four pools in the county were temporarily closed.

“It seems like the public really takes advantage of the pools, and forget that the chemicals have to be maintained. They forget that their child needs to have the swim diapers on and they need to not be in the pool if they are sick,” echoes Sanitarian Amanda Brogdon.

A 2005 statute from the Texas Department of Health mandates that pools have dual hydraulic suction outlets, designed to prevent swimmers from getting stuck to drains at the bottom of pools.

From Grayson County, on up through Bryan, Marshall, and Carter Counties, health inspectors have not made any widespread pool closings.

For a sanitarian’s comments on specific pool inspections, call the Grayson County Heath Department Environmental Office, at: (903) 465-2878