Beauty Queen Fights Domestic Violence

7-11-05 - The 2005 Mrs. Oklahoma is a working mom from Durant. She’s also a woman on a mission, to promote awareness of domestic violence, an issue that is also personal.

Tascha Bond can’t remember the moment her husband, Brian, placed the crown on her head.

“He said to me, ‘I better get my pins ready,’ but I never heard it!” says Tascha.

But what was crystal clear: the reason the 28-year-old wanted to be up on stage on June 25th.

“There are so many myths about domestic violence,” says Tascha.

Tascha is working to break them. As an ambassador for domestic violence awareness, she speaks to women across the state. For this beauty queen, it’s personal. Tascha is a survivor of domestic violence, from a previous relationship.

“When we hear about victims or survivors, we envision a woman who may be on welfare, who has no family or financial support. We don't see one who's educated or has a good career,” says Tascha.

Breaking stereotypes—of beauty queens, and domestic violence victims—Tascha will use her new title to speak out on behalf of those who haven’t found the strength.

“I think it means a lot, especially because of my background. Domestic violence is so important to me, and that is what I plan on doing as an ambassador to married women all across the state,” says Tascha.

Tascha Bond will compete to be Mrs. United States on September 7th, in Palm Springs, CA.