Grandma Uses Cane to Stop Crook

7-11-05 - An 84-year-old Ardmore grandmother got the best of a burglar who was attacking her son. Sallie Marris his the crook so hard on the head with her cane, that it bent the bottom of the metal cane.

Marris and her 63-year-old son were sitting around talking when 20-year-old Conrad Nedd tried walking into their home. But when Sallie's son stopped him, Nedd pushed him to the floor and starting hitting him.

That's when Sallie got her cane and beat him over the head until he ran from the house. She even bent her cane in the process

Nedd was later found and arrested by police in a home a half block away. Nedd is in the Carter County Jail tonight. He faces assault and burglary charges.

The Marris family says their never throwing away that cane.