Historic Landmark Burns in Southern OK

7-11-05 - A 120-year-old building in Dougherty burned down Monday morning. The two story building was a landmark in the small Murray County town and had served as a post office and movie theater.

This building established the town of Dougherty back in 1887, but firefighters say all residents can do now is say good-bye.

Many spent the day across the street watching the fire burn out. It started around two this morning.

A mother and daughter living in an apartment in the rear of the building woke up to the smoke, escaped, and called 911. But firefighters say it was too far gone by the time they got there and all they can do now is sit and watch.

The town of Dougherty won't only lose this building but also two other historical structures surrounding it. Firefighters say the fire has made them structurally unsound.

The owner of the building is still thinking positive. She plans to save what she can and rebuild.

Firefighters still don’t know what caused the fire but believe it may have started upstairs near the back of the building.