Burglar Gives Rude Wake-Up Call

8-15-05 - A bizarre crime came with a startling wake-up call for some people in Denison this weekend. A man broke into three different motels or homes unannounced, frightening the people inside.

It started around 4:30 Sunday morning at the Cardinal Inn Motel in Denison, right off Austin Avenue. A couple tells police they woke up to a man standing over their bed inside the motel room. Both screamed, and the man ran away.

Just an hour later, another woman reported a similar incident, this one at her home on West Acheson. Again, she screamed, and the man ran away.

Police believe the suspect entered yet another home on west Herrin Street and was again scared away. They caught up with him around nine Sunday morning.

Police have not released the suspect's name but say he faces three charges of burglary.