Escapees Make Short-Lived Escape

8-16-05 - It was a short run from the law for two Grayson County inmates this morning. Troy Tuley and Greg Moran were captured after a van they were driving wrecked during a chase.

About ten o'clock Tuesday morning, Tuley used a knife to threaten a county official driving their work van. He forced the driver to stop, the ordered everyone off the van except for Moran. That happened at Plainview Road and Hardinburg Road.

But their run only lasted about thirty minutes. By 10:30 the van wrecked out after a chase along Mill Creek Road west of Pottsboro. One inmate took off running but deputies captured him within minutes. Both are back in the Grayson County Jail now.

The Sheriff says he's still investigating where Tuley got the paring knife and what role, if any, Moran played in the escape.