No Pit Bull Ban in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) - Attorney General Drew Edmondson says local
governments can not ban pit bull dogs or other specific breeds from
their cities or towns.

Edmondson said in a legal opinion released today a state law passed in 1991 clearly prohibits breed-specific bans. He says the law allows local governments to regulated "dangerous or potentially dangerous" dogs - but not specific breeds.

The opinion was requested by state Representative Paul Wesselhoft of Moore who has said he'll introduce legislation to ban pit bulls and allow municipalities to discriminate against certain breeds. Wesselhoft says today's opinion makes him more determined than ever to remove pit bulls from the state.

Wesselhoft proposed the ban after a 3-year-old Moore boy had his
left arm amputated after being bitten by one of several pit bulls in a yard adjacent to the boy's home.