Too Many Children Wait on Foster Homes

7-13-05 – The number of children needing foster care in North Texas is on the rise, while foster homes are few and far between, leading Family and Protective Services to make a plea for parents across the region.

More than ninety children in Grayson County alone are in state custody, removed from potentially dangerous situations within their own homes.

“It seems like [the number of at-risk children] just increases. Foster families generally have a period of time they feel like they can give children, and then will retire and we'll need new families to fill those spots," Gwen Henderson, a Child Placement Specialist, says of the lack of interest in foster parenting and adoption.

But there are good stories: a couple of parents in Fannin County have fostered youngsters for six years, a testament to the good hearts of those who chose to take in these children. Milton and Rachel have opened their arms to dozens of children, from just a few hours, to adopting three for a lifetime.

“Hopefully we can give them something they can always look back well upon and happily upon and know that was a good time,” says Milton.

Grayson and Fannin Counties have less than 30 foster homes combined. Family and Protective Services say in this area, many little ones that need fostering are the children of drug abusers.

Potential foster parents must go through a 30-hour training period with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. To find out how to become a foster or adoptive parent, call 1-800-228-8226.